2019 ASA Nationals – Event Rules and Weights

Event 1 – Overhead Press Medley

At the start call, competitors will attempt to press the 3 implements in order within 60 seconds – a barbell, a monster dumbbell and finally a fixed axle. Any method may be used to get the implement from the ground to the overhead and locked out position. Once the judge is satisfied that the competitors have achieved a successful lockout (implement controlled overhead, elbows/knees/hips locked out, head ‘through’ and feet together), the competitor will receive a ‘Down’ call. On the down call, the competitor must lower the implement under control back to the ground – any throwing or dropping of the implement will result in the competitor having to retake that lift again. If the competitors are successful with lifting the final implement, they may continue to do so for reps until their timer expires. If competitors are unsuccessful with an implement, they may not continue until they are successful.

This event will be scored with repetitions at the final implement weighted highest, followed by split times for each successive implement.

Competitors may wear a maximum of 2 belts; one hard and one soft. These may be layered, but cannot be stacked up the torso. Knee and elbow sleeves may be worn, as well as wrist wraps. Chalk is the only substance that may be applied to the body.

Under 62.5 Women – 50/32/60
Under 72.5/Masters – 60/37/70
Under 82.5 – 70/42/80
Open – 80/47/90

Under 80kg Men – 100/60/115
Under 90kg/Masters – 110/70/125
Under 105kg – 120/80/135
Open – 130/90/145

Event 2 – DOH Axle Deadlift

Competitors will have 3 attempts at successfully lifting a maximum double overhand deadlift on an axle, with all grouped competitors running together in order of weight lifted. If a competitor is unsuccessful with an attempt, they will be eliminated from the remaining group of competitors. A successful lift will require competitors to be standing up with the axle, with knees/hips locked, shoulders neutral and receiving a ‘down’ call from the head judge. After the down call, the competitors must keep control of the axle all the way to the ground (hands always in contact with the axle) – thrown or dropped axles will result in a no lift, with no warnings given.

All axles will be 50mm in diameter, and pulled from the standard height using steel plates. No straps/knee/wrist wraps may be worn, and only chalk applied to the hands. Talc can be applied to the thighs, and must be done so in a dedicated talc area. Elbow and knee sleeves are acceptable, as is a maximum of one soft belt and one hard belt which may be layered but not stacked up the torso.

The heaviest successful lift in each weight class will determine the winner, with split points being given out for a tie.

Event 3 – Front Hammer Hold

On the start call, competitors will have to stand with their backs to a frame, and must hold the hammer with their arms at or slightly above parallel to the ground. If the arms dip below parallel, competitors will have 3 seconds to correct it before they will be timed out. Backs must remain in contact with the frame at all time, and no methods to gain leverage can be carried out.

Elbow sleeves, wrist wraps and one soft/one hard belt (layered but not stacked) are the only equipment that may be worn. Chalk is the only substance allowed on the hands.

The longest successful hold will win the event.

Under 62.5 Women – 10kg
Under 72.5/Masters – 12.5kg
Under 82.5 – 13.75kg
Open – 15kg

Under 80kg Men – 17.5kg
Under 90kg/Masters – 20kg
Under 105kg – 21.25kg
Open – 22.5kg

Event 4 – Cerberus Strength Australia Wheelbarrow Medley

Starting with their hands on the first sandbag at the start line, on the judges start call competitors can attempt to carry the sandbag 20m and load it into the wheelbarrow. The sandbag may be carried via any preferred method. Once the first sandbag is successfully loaded, the competitor can return to the second sandbag halfway through the course, and carry and finally load it into the wheelbarrow alongside the first sandbag. Once both sandbags are successfully loaded into the wheelbarrow, the competitor will then carry the wheelbarrow the entire 20m course until they have crossed the start line. Should the sandbags fall out of the wheelbarrow, the competitor must stop to re-load them before they may continue. A maximum time period of 60s is allowed for the event

Competitors may wear a maximum of 2 belts; one hard and one soft. These may be layered, but cannot be stacked up the torso. Knee and elbow sleeves may be worn. Chalk is the only substance that may be applied to the hands.

This event will be won via the fastest time to complete the course. If the course is not completed, split times for each successive stage will determine the overall placings.

Under 62.5 – 45/60
Under 72.5/Masters – 45/80
Under 82.5 – 60/80
Under Open – 60/100

Under 80 – 100/120
Under 90/Masters – 120/140
Under 105 – 120/160
Open – 140/160

Event 5 – Car Deadlift

Competitors will have 45 seconds to perform as many repetitions with the car deadlift apparatus as possible using the side handles from approximately 14″ height. Competitors must wait for both start and down calls for each repetition, or they will not count – a single warning will be given before reps stop counting to the competitors total. For a lift to successfully count, the competitor must be standing with knees/hips/shoulders all neutral and with a deliberate stop at the top of the movement to demonstrate control.

Straps, suits, wraps, briefs, etc are all allowed.

Under 62.5 Women – 165kg
Under 72.5/Masters – 180kg
Under 82.5 – 195kg
Open – 210kg

Under 80kg Men – 275kg
Under 90kg/Masters – 305kg
Under 105kg – 335kg
Open – 365kg

Event 6 – The Jungalbin Stones

Competitors will have 75 seconds to load 6 stones in their series progressively to a 44-gallon drum (approximately 0.9m). Competitors must attempt each stone in order, and if they are unsuccessful with a lighter stone they will not be allowed to progress until they are successful. If a stone falls after being loaded, it must be re-loaded until the competitor can move on. In the case that a heavier stone has been loaded prior to the lighter stone falling, the competitor may continue on.

Competitors may wear a maximum of 2 belts; one hard and one soft. These may be layered, but cannot be stacked up the torso. Knee and elbow sleeves may be worn. Chalk is the only substance that may be applied to the body.

The event will first be scored by the heaviest stone lifted in the fastest time.

Women’s Series – 48-120kg

Men’s Series – 120-188kg

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