2020 ASA Nationals

The 2020 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals will be the 5th year of the event. It will also be the most unique as it will be run in multiple states, simultaneously due to the restrictions around COVID19.

For 2020 the ASA Nationals will be held on the 29th November in multiple venues around the country, all offering equal events so athletes can be scored against eachother once all events have finished. Those that place well in their classes can qualify for international opportunities in Official Strongman Games and the USS Pro Womens Worlds.

The list of currently qualified competitors can be found here:

Cick Here for Competitor List – Womens is the first tab, Mens is the second tab of the spreadsheet


The venues hosting the concurrent 2020 ASA Nationals are:

ACT – Burley Strength
Contact – John Sheridan –
Date: 29th November


NSW – Adonis Athletics
Contact – Shaun Wells –
Date – 29th November

QLD – Valhalla Strength South Brisbane
Contact – Drew Spriggs –
Date – 29th November




SA – Pirie Powerhouse
Contact – Ashley Phillis –
Date – 29th November