ASA Committee

The crew behind the Australian Strongman Alliance is 5 individuals from around Australia but all involved in some way whether as event organisers or competitors. Carl Sherry Alison Dann Rebecca Nicol Drew Spriggs Chad Croft

ASA Weight Classes

The Australian Strongman Alliance always had the goal of making the sport more accessible to athletes. Most importantly we wanted to have fair and balanced weight classes to ensure quality competition.   There are the standard weight classes listed below, 5 women and 5 men. Womens: Under 62.5kgs Under 72.5kgs Under 82.5kgs Open Women Masters Continue Reading

ASA State Representatives

If you are looking to get involved in competition in your state or to find specific details about an upcoming event in your region then please get in touch with the local state representatives: ACT (Canberra) – Brendan Lentell New South Wales – Shaun Wells Northern Territory – Queensland (South) – Drew Spriggs Queensland (North) Continue Reading