ASA Weight Classes

The Australian Strongman Alliance always had the goal of making the sport more accessible to athletes. Most importantly we wanted to have fair and balanced weight classes to ensure quality competition.


There are the standard weight classes listed below, 5 women and 5 men.


Under 62.5kgs

Under 72.5kgs

Under 82.5kgs

Open Women

Masters Women (40 years and over at time of competition)



Under 80kgs

Under 90kgs

Under 105kgs

Open Men

Masters Men (40 years and over at time of competition)



Weighing in:

Standard rules for the weight classes and weighing in apply for all ASA qualifiers and Nationals events. Athletes will be able to weigh in a maximum of 24 hours before the first lifts start on competition day. For example, if the first weight class lifts at 10:00am on the Sunday,then weigh-ins for all classes can not start before 10:00am on the Saturday.

As the classes are listed as “Under 80kgs” the athletes will have to weigh in under the listed weight, ie: weigh in at 80kgs, that athlete would compete in the under 90kgs category. Weigh in at 79.9kgs or under to be in the under 80kgs category.


Masters Class:

Masters Athletes have to turn 40 the day before Nationals of that year. For 2020 the Nationals will be on 15th/16th August at the Ekka, Brisbane. So the athlete must be turning 40 on the 14th August or earlier to compete as a Masters Competitor. To qualify as a master athlete you have to compete in any weight class or masters class (not a novice class) that is a qualifying event for the ASA Nationals. Even if you do a weight class event, you can then compete as a Master, as long as you turn 40 by August 14th 2020. There is no cutoff for Masters athletes for 2020 in terms of numbers or qualifying ranking. As long as you compete in a qualifying event, you will qualify to compete in the ASA Nationals.


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