2020 ASA Nationals – Pre Qualified

For this Nationals and any previous Nationals, those athletes who placed in the top three in their competition class will automatically qualify for that same weight class in the ASA Nationals in the following year. For 2019 the below athletes placed in the top three in their class and have qualified for the 2020 ASA Nationals. If athletes should choose to compete in a different weight class for 2020, they will have to qualify again in their chosen class.

Under 62.5kg Women
Jessica Cameron (9th @ OSG)
Chantelle O’Connor
Stacey Maree

Under 72.5
Camilla Fogagnolo (3rd @ Australia’s Strongest Woman)
Kate Sciffer
Sarah Peisker

Under 82.5
Red Wiard – Strongwoman athlete (11th @ OSG)
Nita O’Hara
Caitlin Walker

Open Women
Alirene Clair (15th @ OSG)
Rebekah Chessum aka Bigbirdstrongwoman (2oth @ OSG)
Mitchy Naismith

Masters Women
Alison Dann (2nd @ USS Pro Women’s Worlds)
Anna Brown
Clair Chisholm

Under 80kg Men
Carl Sherry (2nd @ OSG)
Les Grills
Robert Jarvis

Under 90kg
Ngarimu Ahipene (World’s Strongest Under 90kg)
Harisyn Alchin
Donny Boy Cameron

Under 105kg
Simon Brown (19th @ OSG)
David Buck
Lee Andersen

Open Men
Paul Ranse
Aidan Canini
Matiu Davidson Liga

Masters Men
Benny Chessum (24th @ OSG)
Jeremey Beard
Jason Holmes

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