Event Organisers – Running Weight Classes

For all those running qualifying events for the Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals, you must run the set weight classes. Details of what is necessary are outlined below:

The necessary weight classes are:

Under 62.5
Under 72.5
Under 82.5
Open Women
Masters Women (must do same weights as Under 72.5)

Under 80
Under 90
Under 105
Open Men
Masters Men (must do same weights as Under 90)

We do have the option of additional subclasses (for example, we run Under 92.5kg women and Under 125kg men as there’s a huge amount of competitors in QLD in those classes), however in terms of qualifying it counts as the open classes – which works perfectly as these classes are typically the smallest.

If competitors want to compete as a Master, they have to compete as a Master – they cannot enter a weight class then if they don’t podium fall back to being a Master. The only exception to this is competitors who turn 40 after the date of qualifying but before the date of Nationals – these competitors must compete in a weight class and will auto-qualify as Masters ONLY (this is going to apply to only 1-2 people every year).

To qualify for Nationals, competitors must make the podium in their respective weight class AND not Zero an event (meaning if they compete in a 5 event comp, they must get a single rep on each implement and carry anything a minimum distance, hold for minimum time, etc in each of those 5 events) – the same applies for Masters, except they don’t have to podium (ie. they can place 4th without bombing and event and qualify). We are gradually tightening the restrictions to qualifying, so this not zeroing an event was a new requirement brought out after Nationals last 2019. Along with this, competitors who qualify in a weight class ONLY qualify in that weight class; if they wish to change classes, they must requalify in a new weight class. Once they qualify in the new weight class, they can sign up to Nationals in one class only.

For qualifying competitions, there are no set event weights. We would, however, like to see the event is based around the qualifying numbers we posted for 2018. These are listed below. Within this, there is room to make some events considerably more difficult than others, however preferably this will only occur where they are multiple opportunities to qualify in the state (for example, Brisbane’s Strongest had a fairly heavy axle deadlift which meant a number of competitors wouldn’t qualify despite podiuming. There are ~4 competitions in QLD where they can qualify, so one missed opportunity isn’t a huge deal).

We would love to see two qualifying competitions in each state where possible (especially if they are in different areas), however, for smaller states, 1 qualifier may be enough.

We would prefer qualifiers to occur at least 10 weeks before/after Nationals to give competitors the best chance of competing, however, we understand that’s not always possible especially if you’re tagging along to external events.

Log – Clean and Press minimum weight
Axle – Clean and Press minimum weight
Farmers – Minimum of 1 metre distance carried
Frame – Minimum of 1 metre distance carried
Atlas Stones – Loaded to a minimum height of 1.2metres as a platform or over a bar
Yoke – Minimum of 1 metre distance carried
Deadlift – Regular height with standard Olympic plates
18″ deadlift – Bar height is measured to centre of the thickness of the bar (45cms)


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