What can you Qualify for? (The ASA Nationals)

The Australian Strongman Alliance has the goal of growing the sport within Australia. Part of that is to be able to offer international opportunities for Athletes to strive for as well as test the top athletes in the country against the best in the World.


The USS (United Static Strongman) has supported our womens development since the beginning. They offer the USS Pro Womens Worlds event each year and offer $10,000 worth of prizemoney across their classes to support the event. To qualify, place in the top three in you division at the ASA Nationals and you be able to compete at the USS Pro Womens Worlds that same year. The USS Pro Womens Worlds is normally held in October of each year. More information here for 2020: https://www.unitedstatesstrongman.com/uss-pro-women-s-worlds-2020


Worlds Strongest Man and Official Strongman Games:

So you want to compete in the Worlds Strongest Man? The only way you can get there is by winning the Official Strongman Games in the Open Mens Class, which qualifies you for Giants Live. The winners of Giants live get into Worlds Strongest Man. The official Strongman Games offers a place for the winner of each class at the Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals (Expcet the U72.5kg class) to compete at the Worlds Strongest Man or Worlds Strongest Woman for each weight class. In 2019 Ngarimu Ahipene of Western Australia went on to earn the title of Worlds Strongest Man Under 90kgs by winning the Official Strongman Games after the ASA nationals.

Magnus Very Magnusson Classic – the only pathway in Australia to Worlds Strongest Man

For 2022 the Magnus Ver Magnusson classic qualification path is tied to the ASA Nationals at the Ekka in August. Open Men will qualify for the Magnus Ver Magnusson classic in November 2022. From 2023 Open women will also be able to qualify for the Magnus Ver Magnusson Classic. More details HERE




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