Memberships – Mandatory from 2021

Moving forward with ASA-affilated competitions: After the 2020 ASA NAtionals anyone planning to compete in an Australian Strongman Alliance (ASA) qualifying event will be required to be a current ASA member. Memberships are not expensive and are simple to set up. Pricing is $80 for the first year and then $60 for following years on an auto-renewing basis. If you chose to not set up auto payments and your membership laxes before the day it expires, you will need to pay the initial $80 again.

These mandatory memberships are a necessity to cover our ever-increasing costs. Insurance is by far the largest organisational cost, followed by costs such as accounting, website hosting and business registration. Any money that has been made above our minimum operating costs has gone straight back into supporting athletes – last year, we were excited to have been able to offer up $100 to each Nationals winner to represent Australia at our affiliated international competitions. These include the Official Strongman Games (where we had a very strong showing including our <90kg Nationals champion being crowned the Strongest <90kg athlete in the world), as well as the United States Strongman Pro Women’s Worlds.

The group of people organising the ASA (Alison, Chad and Drew) have not, and will not continue to receive a cent from the ASA – we are run entirely on a volunteer basis.

The benefit of being a member of the ASA going forward (and in previous years):

– Insurance coverage for state and national events

– The national standard for weight classes for both women and men. The ASA has offered equal opportunity to qualify, compete and prizes for both men and women inside Australia from day one back in 2015.

– Masters Class – The ASA is the first and only body in Australian strongman to consistently offer state, national and international opportunities for masters athletes, both male and female.

– Qualification processes around Australia. From day one the ASA has worked with local organisers in each state and territory around Australia to offer consistent competitions and qualifying opportunities for athletes.

– Value – despite offering more classes and more international opportunities, the membership to join the federation is the lowest in strongman in Australia.

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