Running an ASA Qualifying event

Below is the information you need to both run an ASA Nationals Qualifying event in your region and submit scores successfully so that your competitors will qualify for the ASA Nationals.

  • To host a qualifier, your competition must first be registered with the team of the Australian Strongman Alliance, contact them on email at or on Facebook. There will be limited qualifiers for each region.
  • A qualifying competition must be  4 weeks or greater from the date of the Nationals for the *supporting year.
  • Events must run ASA Standard Weight and Age classes – Details here.
  • Organisers must submit their events and weights for their qualifying competition no later than 4 weeks before the qualifying competition, so that weights can be standardised across the country for a balanced qualifying standard.
  • Score sheets from an event, including total scores to be submitted to the ASA on email in an editable spreadsheet within 72 hours (3 days) of a qualifying event.
  • Score sheets from a qualifying event must include all-athlete email addresses.
  • A qualifying competition is to have no less than 4 events and no more than 6 events within the competition.
  • Rules within the competition are to follow rules by the ASA. Your local event rules to be submitted to the ASA prior to the competition to make sure there are no conflicts.
  • Every person competing in the qualifying competition must be a member of the ASA or the entire event will not be counted towards qualifying. SIGN UP HERE.


For an Athlete to qualify:

  • They must weigh in under their given weight class ie: U62.5kgs must be 62.49kgs or lighter. 62.5kgs will put them in the next weight class up.
  • The athlete must not “zero” any events
  • The athlete will have to compete in the Nationals in their qualified class. Eg Masters in Masters and U90kg in U90kg. Athlete can not go up or down classes from their qualifying competition when they get to Nationals.
  • The athlete has to be a member of the ASA at time of qualifying. SIGN UP HERE.






  • * supporting year – The year leading up to a nationals event. An event can still be held in the same year as a preceding nationals but qualify for a nationals event the following year.

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