2022 ASA Nationals

The pinnacle of ASA competitions – the 2022 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals. This year’s Nationals will be held at the Royal Brisbane Show (the Ekka), in front of the historic stables. We are expecting around 45000 spectators each day.

This competition will take place over two days, with 1 event on Day 1 and 4 events on Day 2.

ASA Nationals competitors must have qualified at sanctioned ASA qualifiers around the country.

Location and Date

The 2022 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals will be held in the woodchoppers Arena at the Ekka (Royal Brisbane Show) – the 13th and 14th August 2022.

Weigh In Information

Friday – 12th August

  • Valhalla Strength – South Brisbane (9am-12, 5-7pm)


Day 1

Event 1 – Carry/Load Medley

Day 2

Event 1 – Sled Push/Pull
Event 2 – One Up Log
Event 3 – Saxon Bar Deadlift
Event 4 – Atlas Stone to Shoulder

Event Rules: CLICK HERE


Open Men – Magnus Ver Magnusson Classic – November 2022 – Iceland

List of Qualified Athletes – Click Here (Female on first tab, Male on second tab)

Contact for event, Drew Spriggs – EMAIL HERE

Facebook event page – Click Here