Magnus Ver Magnusson Classic

From 2022 the Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals will be the place for athletes in the Southern Hemisphere to qualify for the Magnus Ver Magnusson Classic in Iceland.

The Magnus Ver Magnusson Classic is hosted in Iceland, the first year of the event was 2021 and was an incredible success with over 400,000 people watching the live stream. The winner, Maxime Beaudrealt, went on to qualify, compete in and make the final of the 2022 Worlds Strongest Man Competition. 2nd and 3rd place from the 2021 MVM Classic also went on to qualify and compete in Giants live events. (Click Here for 2021 MVM Classic Results)

The 2022 Magnus Ver Magnusson Classic will be held November 17-20 in Iceland.

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The winner of the Magnus Ver Magnusson Classic will be guaranteed a qualifying spot in the 2023 World’s Strongest Man in the USA.

The top three will be considered for Giants Live events around the world in 2023.

There will be 2 pools of athletes to qualify for an invite to the MVM Classic at the ASA Nationals:

  1. Qualified Open Men for the 2022 ASA Nationals will be automatically entered and eligible to win the MVM Classic Qualifier (as it will be using the same events and weights).The first place-getter in the Open Mens class at the ASA Nationals 2022 may qualify for the 2022 Magnus Ver Magnusson Classic in Iceland if their score beats all invited competitors. Nationals athletes are eligible to win both the 2022 ASA Nationals and the MVM Classic Qualifier
  2. Running simultaneously alongside the Open Men class at the 2022 Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals, the Magnus ver Magnusson Classic Qualifier will be open to 6 Open Male competitors who nominate to compete and receive an invitation, but invited athletes to the MVM Classic Qualifier are ineligible to win Nationals. Invited athletes are not required to be ASA members, however there is an additional charge for competing – this additional money will become the prize pool that will go directly towards the competition and travel costs for the winner of the MVM Classic Qualifier to attend.

From 2023, the Magnus Ver Magnusson Classic will also offer a place to the first place getter in the Open Womens class as well.


Read the full press release here: ASA Nationals the pathway to Magnus Classic