ASA Weight Classes

The Australian Strongman Alliance always had the goal of making the sport more accessible to athletes. We have a nationally consistent framework for ASA competitions, allowing all competitors to compete in a suitable class.


  • Under 62.5kgs
  • Under 72.5kgs
  • Under 82.5kgs
  • Open Women
  • Masters Women


  • Under 80kgs
  • Under 90kgs
  • Under 105kgs
  • Open Men
  • Masters Men

Weighing in

Standard rules for the weight classes and weighing in apply for all ASA qualifiers and Nationals events. Athletes will be able to weigh in a maximum of 24 hours before the first lifts start on competition day. For example, if the first weight class lifts at 10:00am on the Sunday,then weigh-ins for all classes can not start before 10:00am on the Saturday.

To compete in a weight class, you must weigh-in underĀ the weight class. For example, if you weigh in at 90kg on the dot, you will compete in the <105kg weight class. If you weigh in at 89.95kg, you would complete in the <90kg class.

Masters Class

To compete in the Masters class, you must be aged 40 the day of or prior to the competition start.