Qualifying for the Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals

We have endeavoured to make the qualifying process for the Australian Strongman Alliance Nationals as streamlined and consistent as possible.

To qualify, you must meet a certain number of requirements:

  • You must be an Australian Strongman Alliance member (required to compete in ASA sanctioned competitions).
  • You must compete in an ASA sanctioned competition.
  • You must compete in a weight class that you intend to qualify in, and will only qualify in that class.
  • You must place top 3 in your weight class on the day – with the exception of the Masters class.
  • You must not zero an event (a zero would be failing to achieve one rep on an implement or failing to move an implement the minimum recorded distance to a split time).
  • In the event of 6 or more events in a single qualifying competition, you must meet the previous requirement – at least 5 events with no zeroes.
  • In the event of a qualifying event being cancelled or unable to run in your state, we will liase with your state representative to send out invitations. We will consider your previous years competition history, and your ability to compete at a national level. This has happened in the past only on two occasions, and as we form new partnerships with states for qualifying events, we don’t expect it to happen very often.
  • The podium from the previous years Nationals will automatically qualify for the next years event.

Once you have qualified, you will be automatically added to the qualifying list for the next Nationals event once we receive the scoresheet from the event.

Under no exceptions will any qualifying wildcards be given to states who have hosted ASA qualifying competitions.